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NuForce Primo 8 | MSRP $499


When the goal is to replicate the sound quality of reference-class, multi-drivers high-end speakers in your ear, the NuForce Primo 8 earphone stands well apart from the crowd. To achieve this elusive goal of breathtaking realism, explosive dynamic, and natural sound, the Primo 8 embraces patent-pending technology to capture the best of both worlds: the coherence and seamlessness of a one driver earphone, with the detail and tran-sient speed of a balanced armature speaker array.


  • In Ear Audiophile-Quality Speaker System
  • Ideal Balance and Accuracy
  • Breathtaking Realism
  • Proprietary Cable Design

Highlight Reviews

"...Primo 8 is a very transparent sounding IEM, without disturbing colorations or veil over the details. Vocalists and instruments are "lifelike" and natural sounding..."

  HeadphoneAddicit from Head-fi.org

"...I'm a headphone reviewer and a hard-core audiophile, so I use the best stuff...the Primo 8, which runs $499, didn't leave me missing the JH13 ($1,099)..."

  Steve Guttenberg, CNET

"... The Primo 8 is a musical powerhouse with seductive mids, tight bass and airy highs. A universal IEM for the disenfranchised."

  Michael Mercer from audio360.org

"...The in-ear progress designs for the general public and expert professionals are dazzling...these small earring jewelry provides the accuracy...quite impressive overall balance and most important, a dynamic and truly amazing Stereo..."

  Patrick-Pierre Garcia from Quboz.com (French)

"...Primo 8 will very likely prove to be a strong contender against all comers on the worldwide stage. In fact, my preliminary listening experiences lead me to think the Primo 8s may do certain things better than almost any other universal-fit earphones on the market regardless of price..."

  Chris Martens, Hi-Fi+ magazine, hifiplus.com

"...the Primo 8 nail exactly what we've been looking for in a high-end in-ear headphone. NuForce's deft use of balanced armatures has resulted in an in-ear that exhibits astonishing realism, vivid detail, and engaging energy. Give them a shot, and we think you'll find they will effortlessly breathe new life into music you've heard countless times over..."

  Caleb Dension, Digital Trends

"...Very nice clean spacious sound with sold dyanmic and detail. Great isolation. Quality build from accessories to housing design..."

  Dsnuts from Head-Fi.org

"...Overall, what impressed me most about the Primo 8s is how real the timbres of instruments sounded. Any decent headphone can reproduce the music, but with the 8's there's more of a "that's a real instrument" sound to them..."

  Geoffrey Morrison, Forbes.com

Balanced Armature Drivers

Four balanced-armature drivers in each earphone deliver a smooth, extended response, explosive dynamic realism and fatigue-free sound.

  • Balanced armature drivers deliver the highest efficiency of any in-ear speaker design available.
  • 3-way design with two units operate as one for bass frequencies and one speaker each for midrange and treble bands.
  • With two bass speakers working in tandem, the listener experiences the purest, most natural bass possible.
  • Primo 8 is far more refined and coherent than any other balanced armature earphones. Its remarkable midrange resolution, clarity and neutrality are among its most distinctive features.

NuForce Linear-Phase Crossover Network/patent pending

  • Utilizes a proprietary first-order Butterworth filter crossover network to make the earphone's four speakers truly sing as one.
  • Primo 8's four-driver speaker array employs a crossover network design that seamlessly distributes the music's frequency bands.
A three-way phase-coherent crossover design achieves near perfect linear phase performance resulting in a natural, fully dimensional soundstage, lightning-fast transients and crystalline transparency.

Proprietary Cable Design

  • Utilizes a proprietary two layers of star-pattern wires (Kevlar Silk, silver and OFC copper wires) with ground-breaking technologies to achieve incredibly accurate sound reproduction.
  • Isolated left and right ground wiring reduces inter-channel crosstalk while maximizing channel separation.


19.3 g
Cable Length
55.1in (140cm)
Frequency Response
18 Hz ~ 22 kHz
38 Ohm
118 dB


  • 2 pairs of Comply Isolation foam ear tips (M, L)
  • 8 pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M, L, XL)
  • 51.2in(130cm) detachable cable with microphone
    (An optional non-mic cable accessory is available for purchase)
  • 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter and one airline adapter
  • Primo 8 leather pouch
  • Cleaning tool
  • microfiber cleaning cloth
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